Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Target 1st Concept

Original Sketch

Project Update

I feel very happy with the group we have. Very strong talents, that together i feel we can create a film to be proud of. Myself and Dan are the joint directors on the project but obviously everyones input is just as important. Seeing as our pitch ideas were somewhat merged at one stage we thought it would be best to collaborate on this film. Having worked together before we both feel confident in each others decisions and work ideas out.

In the upcoming weeks we need a clear idea of the story, screenplay and structure. With storyboards roughed out, and concepts underway so the style and colour scheme can be easily identified for modellers to do their thing.

After a brainstorming session yesterday, we got some brilliant ideas on the table and good ideas for animations. Also thought about a title, that for now is Whack'd, but this may change later.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

First Character Concepts

The character concepts from my film pitch. Obviously not the finals, but I'm happy with the Hitman for the time being. Needs some cleaning up in places and possibly some simplifying if need be.

Original Pitch Idea

A Hitman is attempting to assassinate a target in an American suburb. A supposedly easy mission turns out to be a lot more complicated than he first thought. The target being the head a criminal organisation needs to be taken out for the better.

The Hitman’s only weaknesses, his size and the occasional spell of narcolepsy. Entering the targets house seems to be the main problem with all entrances too small to fit through. After attempting to kill the target using his stealth skills, he decides to use a more forceful approach.

Failing once again in final desperation he knocks out a local pizza boy, using the disguise as a way to get closer to the target. Only to fall asleep in the doorway holding the pizza, that the target receives, he leaves the change and thinks nothing of it.