Saturday, 31 October 2009

Left 4 Dead Posters

These posters feature in the game Left 4 Dead. I thought the style and layout can influence our own posters. Each poster is a stage from the game, designed around four characters battling there way to the end of the level through hordes of zombies. The posters were used as loading screens for the four stages and were designed to be joke film posters, adding a comic feel to the game.

Motel Room Concept / Front View

Today i spent creating this concept for the motel room. At the moment it's still a loose idea of the layout but provides us with a possible colour scheme and composition.

London Gamer Expo 2009

Yesterday i attended the 2009 Gamer Expo at London Bridge. The day was very useful and gave some of us the chance to speak to games industry staff and gain an insight into the various companies. As a group we sat down and spoke with Paul Wedgwood, Game Director at Splash Damage. This was a excellent opportunity to ask him questions to help us understand the company production pipeline. We also handed out invites to promote our end of year degree show.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Pre-Production Formative

Mike Smith seemed pleased with the ideas and progress the team has made. Keep developing more ideas and concepts. Also try to tie down a specific style and colour palette for the film. My next big job is to get a clear idea of the layout of both rooms. Concepts for the apartment exterior also needed.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Object Concepts

A few various object concepts for the motel room and other locations. Keeping the style simple and the colour palette limited to white, red and browns.

Whack'd Poster Mock-up

Quick mock-up for the film promo poster. The layout needs some adjustments, as I'm not too sure on the position of the text. I'm happy with the boldness as it can be easily eye catching. I designed it to be a teaser poster, hopefully leaving viewers wanting to know more. I'll continue to work on this over the next few weeks.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Project Progress Review [01]

So far so good. The team is working really well, and everything is on target. Alot of pre-production design work has gone on and we have a clear idea of where the visual style is going.
I'll post the colour script on the blog in the next few days to give the team a better understanding of the colour palette for the film. The storyboard is complete and the animatic underway. After a meeting with Dave Bull on Monday, the team received positive feedback on the project work and the story.

We have a formative assessment session with Mike Smith tomorrow afternoon, and should have some good stuff to show to him.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ninja Concept

Environment Concepts

A few Motel and Gas Station concepts. Kept the look very stylised, with bold lines and abstract shapes. Think it has a greater visual impact, and would be alot more interesting and fun to model in Maya. Again using block colours and shading to keep the structure simple and flat.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Whack'd Screenplay



[Possible Extended Opening?]
Camera tracks a pizza boy on a moped driving passed. Camera slows and tilts up to show a figure peering through a window in an old abandoned apartment block.


A contracted killer is peering through the broken blinds, turns, opens his suitcase and begins to assemble his rifle. He positions himself at the window and begins to look through the scope to focus on the various windows of a Motel across the road.
Finding the correct room, he checks his PDA to confirm the target. He then begins to take aim and zooms in slowly.


A man (target) is inside the room drinking a can of beer and we hear a bullet travel past. Due to the volume of the TV (maybe some action sequence or football game) he doesn't realise anything at this point.


The Hitman, getting slightly agitated and reloading as quick as he can taking aim and firing a couple more rounds off.Again looks through the rifle scope and begins to look more frantic.


The target, still drinking his beer but this time he goes to take a swig and a bullet hits his can causing it to leak all over him.
Realising he's being targeted he ducks down in his seat then jumps to the window. Poking his head round the corner more bullets come through the window causing him to jump back.


The Hitman is really worried at this point, reloading and shooting more often. POV shot, the scope darting around, looking for a shot.


[optional scene]
Cutting back to the target we see him slide down the wall in fear. He peers out the window again to see the Hitman running across the road with a pistol in his hand still shooting through the window.

The Hitman smashes through the door/window only to point a gun at the target and fire a few rounds off (throwing knife?).

The door/window smashing causes the target to fly back and land on his back.
At this point we see his face looking down his body, his hands patting himself down, checking if he’s been hit. Backing away from the Hitman in fear until stopped by something behind him.
Out of frame a hand falls on his shoulder causing him to jump.

Fast camera zoom out. The target realising that there’s a MASSIVE (mountain) pile of bodies (assassins) dressed in black with knives and silenced pistols etc.
He jumps up and grabs the Hitmans arm in fear...shaking LIKE A BABY.

[Beeping] The Hitman looks down and answers his PDA.
Camera close-up, mission success. You've whack'd the final assassin sent to kill him. PROTECT TARGET COMPLETED.

[Before or during end credits]
Another dead assassin falls from the open ceiling panel.


Friday, 9 October 2009

Story Updated

Having discussed more ideas as a team we decided to change the angle of the story, The Hitman now protecting the target from other assassins was a better twist and a simpler film to make. The audience would be expecting the Hitman to kill the target from the obvious set up, but twisting it near the end would make for a more entertaining ending to the short. With clever editing and camera angles we can allow the audience to think one thing but later change there expectations.

*The characters will now only be the Hitman, Target and Assassins that are attacking. The Assassins will be very similar as character models, so ideally we only have three characters.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Story So Far...

After many days discussing alternate endings and possible character situations I think as a team we have finally settled on an almost finished story. Here's how it stands at the moment.

The opening shot we're still not sure on yet. The location has been changed to a remote area of land just outside of Vegas, so Nevada ish. The set-up consists of two main buildings both opposite each other. One is a building ready for demolition, where the Hitman is waiting. Across the road is a Motel where the target is staying to keep a low profile and avoid the law. Next to the Motel is an old Gas Station, partly to give the area some extra character, but mainly to assist the ending.

As a team we have thought very hard about details within the environment. Such as telephone pylons, trees, city backdrop, etc. Secondary animation has also been considered to give the area some movement and life, but still giving the impression it's remote and a good few miles from the nearest town, city.

A tortoise is one of the characters living in the environment, because he contributes to one of the gags later in the short, we're considering having the tortoise slowly walking down the road as the opening shot and hint that he maybe a recurring character.

The Hitman then assembles his weapons and gadgets in the abandoned apartment building. Once the rifle is assembled he looks through the scope to get a better idea of his surroundings. Moves the sights toward a window to a motel room where a fat sleazy man is watching TV. The Hitman glances at his laptop, conforming one last time that the target is this very man and receives a beep indicating a message from HQ (TIME REMAINING). The target now in his chair eating a pizza. The Hitman at this time has a clear shot at the man through the window of the motel room. Just squeezing the trigger, a van pulls up outside and blocks the window. On the side of the Van in bold letters "ACME Bullet Proof Glass", the Hitman gives a look of disgust.

Time has passed and the van hasn't budged. The Hitman now frustrated, has to go to street level to deal with the target. Walking across the road to the motel he draws a landmine from his pocket and lays it on the targets doormat, and arms the device. Another message from HQ (HURRY UP!). Running like the wind he appears back in the abandoned apartment watching with excitement. Out the corner of his eye he sees a tortoise moving extremely slowly toward the mine. With this about to compromise the entire mission he fires on the tortoise only for the bullet to deflect off its shell. The Hitman even more tense, now deciding to go down there and deal with it. But has he got enough time? Deciding to stay, he watches as the mine is detonated by the tortoise leaving it unharmed but the mine destroyed.

Now Furious he runs toward the Motel, beeping like crazy. Out of pure hate he throws the message gadget into orbit. Only to hit a pizza delivery boy on his moped. The boy swerves into the way of a fuel truck. The truck also diverting course into the path of the petrol station next to the motel. The Hitman, standing still, so surprised, turns to the camera and looks extremely scared.

Cut to shot, a few miles away from the Motel, where a mushroom cloud expands in the distance. A tortoise shell falls in front of camera, then the arms, legs and head pop out and he begins walking off as if nothing happened.

Saturday, 3 October 2009