Friday, 29 January 2010

Screenplay Final



[Fade in from black]

A door opens, casting light and the shadow of a figure into a dark room.
The contracted killer opens his suitcase and begins to assemble his rifle. He positions himself at the window and begins to look through the scope to focus on the various windows of a Motel across the road. Finding the correct room, he then begins to take aim and zooms in slowly.


A man (target) is inside the room drinking a can of beer, we see a bullet travel past and miss. Due to the volume of the TV (news programme) he doesn't realise anything at this point.


The Hitman, getting slightly agitated and reloading as quick as he can taking aim and firing a couple more rounds off. Again looks through the rifle scope and begins to look more frantic.


The target, still drinking his beer but this time he goes to take a swig and a bullet hits his can causing it to leak all over him. Realising he's being targeted he ducks down in his seat then jumps to the window. Poking his head round the corner more bullets come through the window causing him to jump back. He then lowers the window blinds obscuring the Hitman's view.


The Hitman is really worried at this point, reloading and shooting more often. POV shot, the scope darting around, looking for a shot.


Cutting back to the target we see him slide down the wall in fear. He peers out through the blinds to see the Hitman running across the road with a pistol in his hand still shooting at the window.

The Hitman smashes through the door. The door smashing causes the target to fly back and land on his back. The Hitman appearing to be out of ammo he throws a knife. Missing the target once again.

At this point we see the target looking down his body, his hands patting himself down, checking if he’s been hit. Backing away from the Hitman in fear until stopped by something behind him.

Out of frame a hand falls on his shoulder causing him to jump.

Fast camera zoom out. The target realising that there’s a MASSIVE (mountain) pile of bodies (assassins) dressed in black with knives and silenced pistols etc.
He jumps up and grabs the Hitmans leg in fear...shaking (like a baby).


The Hitman, successfully completed his mission and walks outside, the target still clutching his leg.

Outside, more assassins in the parking lot (swords, cracking necks and knuckles). The Hitman, looking annoyed gets ready for action and closes the door behind him.

[The door, acts as a transition into the credits]

End credits.


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Environment Update

The Motel environment is pritty much completed. Just a few details here and there that need to be tweaked later on. I've also created a master file containing both mine and Ferhan's sides, this can now be edited as one file if necessary.

The modelling has been a slower process over the last week or so, due to dissertation formative assessments. The group seems to be on schedule at the moment, with modelling almost completed. Texturing and animating are the next two stages in development. These can both run side by side.

The updated environment has seen a layout change, doors now added and parked cars. A crane and blocked out cityscape are now in the background, adding greater depth. I also extended the environment to the right, using one of Ferhan's models to provide an alleyway.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pump it up!

Adding details to the gas station. Not going to go over board because its not the main focus. Should still look nice from a distance though. Need to add some windows, a door and possibly brickwork on the structure. Still needs alot of work.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Locked Off

Thought I'd create a camera and lock off the shot from the other side of the street. I'm currently making sure the layout and composition is correct before I add more details. This will give me a better Idea of what will be shown and hidden etc.

Note: I think the buildings in the background should be less detailed to avoid distracting from the main focal point ie. The Motel.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Back in the swing

Going to crack on with the modelling of the street on Wednesday evening. Hopefully getting it finished by the end of next week. Need to add some more details to the motel and focus my attention on the gas station. Once these are complete I can add further buildings in the background, similar to Ferhan's side. This will give it some depth and avoid it looking too flat. Thought about some of the modelling being missed out when the shots are locked off, this isn't a big deal as it can still be included on our showreels.