Thursday, 21 January 2010

Environment Update

The Motel environment is pritty much completed. Just a few details here and there that need to be tweaked later on. I've also created a master file containing both mine and Ferhan's sides, this can now be edited as one file if necessary.

The modelling has been a slower process over the last week or so, due to dissertation formative assessments. The group seems to be on schedule at the moment, with modelling almost completed. Texturing and animating are the next two stages in development. These can both run side by side.

The updated environment has seen a layout change, doors now added and parked cars. A crane and blocked out cityscape are now in the background, adding greater depth. I also extended the environment to the right, using one of Ferhan's models to provide an alleyway.


  1. yo sam would you be able to send over the file with both our environments in there, mite add just a few things

  2. no worries, i'll send it to you ravemail. can you send me the binded rig of the target so i can have a mess around, send it to my ravemail.
    cheers mate.