Wednesday, 31 March 2010


My role for the next two weeks is to complete the textured master file for the motel and apartment exterior. Josh is assisting me by creating most of the UV's for the textures. It's a big job but I think it can be achieved in the time. I'm also looking into lighting and have been playing about with the render settings to try and create natural looking day light.

Final Animatic


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Monday, 22 March 2010

Shot List

1. Black – open door – silhouette
2. Low angle walk past (hallway)
3. NAME? In association with Josh Cook and Stewart Bull
4. Low angle walk to table ready to lift briefcase.
5. High angle Fan shot – Case on table and open
6. NAME? With Ferhan Khan and Spencer Haynes
7. Close up on inside case as hitman picks up parts.
8. Main attachment of gun put together
9. Silencer on – close up
10. Scope attachment - close up
11. NAME? Music by Lewis Taylor
12. Close up of Face looking out of window.
13. Motel scan around through wooden boards
14. NAME? Directed by Sam Saunders and Daniel Sufflebotham
15. BEV above gun TITLE integrated behind.
16. Prepare to look down scope
17. POV Scope scan around and zoom in on target in chair.

18. Over the shoulder of chair at TV – News Report – Pan 120 degrees Clockwise and target drinks from can
19. Mid shot of hitman with gun ready – safety off
20. Trigger finger close up – suspense

21. Bullet through chair behind. Target sniff (if possible). Target drink after a moment. Rain of bullets. 1 hit can/bottle in hand – 1 hit bottle to side.
22. Target spits out drink. Turns to window. Doesn’t see hitman.
23. Jumps behind chair. Hides behind it before peeking up and more bullets go over his head.
24. Hitman looks without scope – start in scope end out of scope with sneer on face.
25. Looking towards window target crawls hurriedly to window.
26. Against wall – target edges towards window – begins to look round. More bullets in. Target hides again against wall and slides down wall.
27. Hitman turns and puts his back against wall. Reloads rifle – transition camera pans through the wall and shows target crouched immediately on other side of wall division.
28. High angle out of focus blind cord with target on floor below. Target looks up and focus changes. Reaches up.
29. Scope POV – blinds drop and bounce.
30. Target still on floor – twists cord to close blinds
31. Apartment window from outside – hitman grunts (distressed) and throws down his rifle. Leaves.
32. Side view of target – crouching looking through blinds.
33. Hitman crossing road – He passes camera and camera raises up to gun level and shooting.
34. Target jumps back from window and steps away from door.
35. Shot on door – pause for sound of footsteps. Hitman crashes through door Low angle shot. Raises gun.
36. Target raises arms and backs away past the TV – Hitman steps forward at same time. (UNSURE ON CAMERA)
37. Close up on gun – Click – out of bullets.
38. Surprised close up of Hitman's face.
39. Hitman throws knife from jacket pocket and follows knife into Knife slow-mo past far side of target.
40. Hitman walks forwards, reloads pistol – points to target.
41. Targets reaction close up – turns face away from hitman (ninja mountain).
42. Close up of gun – swing to light switch flick on.
43. Target opens eyes and pats down body in disbelief – looks down side of arm and sees ‘Ninja Mountain’
44. Close up of Ninja Mountain to fast zoom out to reveal large body count

45. Target grabs Hitman leg for protection.
46. Hitman drags out target clinging on leg.
47. Over Hitman's shoulder ninja party outside motel – look left and look right.
48. Ninja Details – Cracking fists
49. Ninja Details - Neck crack
50. Ninja Details – High Angle - Lamp post sword drawn
51. Hitman medium shot – slumped shoulders grunts and sigh – target hides.
52. End Credits - Music

Updated Comp

Composition Changes

Changed the composition for the view from the apartment building. A few things need some further changes to make the layout complete.

A. The crane made smaller in the background, now part of the cityscape in the distance. Less of a distraction.

B. The buildings are now on hills in the background and give the impression of a horizon line or higher ground. Ferhan's other building (out of shot) will be moved to create greater depth to the middle ground.

C. Gas station may need a signpost.

D. Billboards require artwork and adverts.

E. The targets apartment is now the last one to the left, on the ground floor. This is just easier in terms of creating a stable composition and shot framing.

F. A motel sign needs to be placed outside. Just behind the telephone pole.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Updated Animatic

Animatic Review

After reviewing mine and Dan's versions of the film, together we decided on timing and shot compositions. The final turned out to be a mixture of each others, with some extra shots to add in if we have the time. Details for shots are available on the team blog. The film stands at around 50 different shots, some hard some easy. With the time we have remaining, this is achievable.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday, 8 March 2010

Sky Plane

I created this sky and cloud plane in photoshop, trying to get the light balance correct. Also remembering that the film will take place in real time and in the early hours of the afternoon.

Smile for the camera!

Today I spent locking off various shots inside the motel room. The first image uses a wide angle lens to extend the space and stretch the distance, this helping to exaggerate size. This shot will feature the hitman entering the room with force, his size will seem even larger than normal, also making use of the low angle.

The second image is for the target to be framed whilst watching t.v. and drinking beer. Possibly the first time we see the target, the camera may rise from below the side table to reveal the character. Establishing the size of the room is also important, also showing the window and the outside world.

The third image is to show the targets interest. Whilst watching t.v. his arm can reach for the remote or a beer. This shot maybe used before the reveal to keep him hidden from the audience.

The forth and last image is an over the shoulder camera from the hitman as he approaches the target laying on the floor helpless. The high angle helps show the dominance and how small the target is in comparison. The back corner of the room will feature the dead bodies, but at this stage will be hidden in darkness until the light is turned on.

Project Progress Review [03]

It's been a while since my last post due to a large dissertation, so I've spent alot of my time writing over the last few weeks. Now that's out of the way, we can focus on the film again. The next big jobs are animating and texturing. The rigs are almost complete but need fine tuning, as these things always do. I'm starting to texture the motel exterior and lock off some shots with the other co-director Dan. Once the rigs are finally completed the animation needs to begin as soon as possible, as we don't want to be working on it last minute.