Monday, 8 March 2010

Smile for the camera!

Today I spent locking off various shots inside the motel room. The first image uses a wide angle lens to extend the space and stretch the distance, this helping to exaggerate size. This shot will feature the hitman entering the room with force, his size will seem even larger than normal, also making use of the low angle.

The second image is for the target to be framed whilst watching t.v. and drinking beer. Possibly the first time we see the target, the camera may rise from below the side table to reveal the character. Establishing the size of the room is also important, also showing the window and the outside world.

The third image is to show the targets interest. Whilst watching t.v. his arm can reach for the remote or a beer. This shot maybe used before the reveal to keep him hidden from the audience.

The forth and last image is an over the shoulder camera from the hitman as he approaches the target laying on the floor helpless. The high angle helps show the dominance and how small the target is in comparison. The back corner of the room will feature the dead bodies, but at this stage will be hidden in darkness until the light is turned on.

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